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The derailment of the sec part ii an sec official works both sides of the street and betrays the public trust 1413245879412 article

How an SEC Official in Texas Worked Both Sides and Betrayed the Public Trust | VICE | United States

A senior SEC official quashed an investigation in early 2005 of a $7 billion Ponzi scheme masterminded by Houston financier R. Allen Stanford after securing a lucrative partnership with a law firm of which Stanford was a client....


Articles by Murray Waas | VICE | United States

Articles by Murray Waas | VICE | United States

Texas governor rick perrys attorney once tried to turn him in to the fbi 1413242870847 article

Texas Governor Rick Perry's Attorney Once Tried to Turn Him in to the FBI | VICE | United States

The man entrusted with preventing a grand jury from bringing criminal charges against Perry once worked just as hard to put him in jail....

New disclosures about congressman pete sessionss relationship with a now imprisoned billionaire 1413244634749 article

New Disclosures About a Congressman's Relationship with a Now-Imprisoned Texas Billionaire | VICE | United States

Former House Majority Leader candidate Pete Sessions has promised to talk about what he did for R. Allen Stanford....

Inside the grand jury why texas governor rick perry was charged with two felonies 1413240987133 article

Inside the Grand Jury: Why Texas Governor Rick Perry Was Charged with Two Felonies | VICE | United States

A grand jury indicted Texas governor Rick Perry on two felony charges alleging that he had abused his public office and engaged in the coercion of another public official—a district attorney who was investigating Perry’s administration and political backers....

Ex sec regulator spencer barasch resigns from law firm amid questions about his work for ponzi fraudster r allen stanford 1413242260777 article

Ex-SEC Official Steps Down Amid Questions Over His Work for Ponzi Schemer Allen Stanford | VICE | United States

Barasch stepped down not long after a five-part series published by VICE uncovered potential violations of federal conflict-of-interest laws by Barasch while representing Stanford. Meanwhile, the vast majority of American investors who got taken in by Stanford's $7 billion Ponzi scheme are no closer to recovering their savings....

The derailment of the sec part i how a former senior sec official manipulated the system for his clients and his own benefit 1413246992657 article

VICE Exclusive: How a Former Official Manipulated the System for His Clients and His Own Financial Benefit | VICE | United States

Law firm's leaked documents demonstrate how the "revolving door" of SEC culture leaves investors unprotected and makes Wall Street executives rich....

The derailment of the sec part iii tidal waves of ponzi scheme greenbacks washed over the antiguan government 1413245816421 article

Tidal Waves of Ponzi Scheme Greenbacks Washed Over the Antiguan Government | VICE | United States

The former most senior banking regulator of the Caribbean island nation of Antigua, Leroy King has recently had preliminary discussions with US authorities about accepting a plea agreement for taking bribes to turn a blind eye to and cover up since-jailed...

The derailment of the sec part v why a respected law firm allegedly risked breaking the law by representing a rogue billionaire banker 1413244323775 article

A Respected Law Firm Alllegedly Risked Breaking the Law by Representing a Rogue Banker | VICE | United States

New evidence about the shady activities of a former SEC official....

The derailment of the sec part iv new allegations that a former sec official lied to federal investigators the unlikely source is his own law partner 1413244952620 article

The Derailment of the SEC – Part IV | VICE | United States

New allegations that a former SEC official lied to federal investigators; the unlikely source is his own law partner....